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    I went to Barcelona! Day 1.

    Hello everyone, it’s been almost a month since my last post and unfortunately I don’t have any reasonable explanation why I haven’t posted anything. I can’t say I was incredibly busy or something, I just had a few moments when I didn’t feel quite passionate about blogging anymore. So I decided to take a break, because I feel like quality is more important than quantity – what’s the point of producing content if you are not proud of it?! Anyways, during that time, I went to Barcelona for a few days and I have a few posts planned coming up! I’m thinking of travel diaries, where we ate, what I wore, and maybe a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt along the way. Let me know which would be the thing you’ll be most interested to read about!

    Let’s get started with day 1 now.

    My boyfriend and I arrived very late on Saturday and although I personally did a thorough research, we were still confused how to get to our hotel. The Barcelona airport is one of the biggest airports I’ve ever seen, yet it was empty, there was no one to ask for directions, no signs or explanations, and you could consider yourself extremely lucky if you could find someone who speaks even a tiny bit of English.

    I mean I obviously don’t expect everyone in the world to speak English but as Barcelona is one of the top destinations at the moment, I expected it to be a little bit more tourist friendly.

    Anyways, there was a lemon tree in front of our hotel!

    barcelona lemon tree

    Our first full day was Sunday and the weather was a dream! It was really sunny and beautiful, exactly what I was desperately craving! And as I’ve forgotten how 22 degrees feel like, the first day was kind of a test on what should I wear the next few days haha.

    Our first stop was the Cathedral!

    We went there on Sunday, because I’ve read that there’s a free admission before 2pm. We tried to enter at maybe 11ish, and the guards told us to come back at 2 (when you are supposed to pay to get inside). I’m still confused why they didn’t allow us to enter, perhaps is a way to get more money out of the tourists but I personally found it a bit cheeky.

    barcelona cathedral

    Next we wandered around the Gothic quarter, which was CROWDED (in April, imagine what would it be in August!).

    We then found ourselves at Plaça Reial,

    and it was truly mesmerizing! It’s a small square, but the palm trees, the restaurants and the street performers made it look magical – and it’s probably one of my favourite spots from the whole trip. There was even a moment when nobody was sitting on the fountain and we managed to snap some stunning photos, which I can’t wait to show you in the future outfit diaries post!

    barcelona placa reial

    Then we joined the crowd at La Rambla,

    which led us to the sea port – another incredible spot to visit! As a person grown up by the sea, it was really exciting for me to get closer to water again. I really wished I could sneak on one of the ships and take a month long cruise haha. Just look at the photo below – isn’t that how paradise is supposed to look like?

    I also managed to shoot a few parakeets (which were everywhere but also incredibly difficult to catch). This little buddy even had a number on his neck ^^

    barcelona sea port

    barcelona parakeets

    Then we decided to get back in the heart of the city and look for a place to eat. Meanwhile we managed to walk under the Arc de Triomf and find another very cute Instagramable spot. This amazing plant wall is not a public attraction, but a private home, where people live in it. It was so funny, because someone went inside in the middle of my photoshoot haha. Just want to make it clear that I didn’t interrupt anyone’s privacy, the stunning facade is literally on the square and everyone has access to it.

    barcelona plant facade

    Then we found a lovely spot to grab a paella, some tapas, and a glass of sangria (actually one of the main reasons for me visiting Barcelona haha). And before we realised, the sun started to set down and we decided to go home.

    On our way home we stumbled upon Sagrada Familia, which obviously is really difficult to miss, but at the same time it was kind of hidden between the buildings. Needless to say, we were in an awe, it’s even more majestic and breathtaking that I’ve ever imagined. But more on that – in my diary for day four!

    I feel like now it’s a great time to finish day one of my travel diaries, thank you if you managed to stay with me till the end, and hopefully you enjoy my stories!