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    Phase Zero Makeup Liquid Eyeshadows

    If you follow me on Instagram, you’d probably have seen me opening the PR box with the newest Phase Zero Makeup liquid eyeshadows. But if you’ve missed that – I have good news for you – I saved those storied under my Unboxing highlights and today I’m going to do a full review – swatches, performance and personal recommendations.

    So I’ve got the 13 liquid eyeshadows, which come in two different formulas – 7 of them are the Metal Veil eyeshadows and the rest are Coconut eyeshadows. They also come in different packages, and if you stay with me till the end – you’ll get to know which ones are my favourite!

    phase zero makeup liquid eyeshadows

    They all come in a pretty pink packaging – the Coconut eyeshadows are the ones with the ombre design, while the Metal Veil eyeshadows have purple drops (which kind of reminds me a little of Kylie).

    phase zero makeup liquid eyeshadows

    Those shots are obviously unedited, because I wanted to show you how do those swatches look like under different lighting.

    First impressions: all shadows are reaaaaaaly creamy and pigmented. Once dried, they don’t smudge, or transfer (if you suffer with hoody lids like myself). Those swatches are one swipe only, and as you can see the swatch quality varies from shade to shade, but overall all the shades are incredible.

    My personal favourites are the Coconut eyeshadows, because I find their application to be a bit more smoother, they feel softer and dry down quicker. I also think they are more sparkly and catch the light better. Can you guess which ones are coconut? (hint: Valentines, Glided, Lucky Penny and Romance). Another thing about the coconut eyeshadows, which you should bear in mind, is that they separate glitter from oil I guess, so you have to give them a good shake before use (don’t worry if you receive them this way, they are not expired).

    The Metal Veils are really good also, but their formula is a bit different. I feel them much more creamier, but dry down slower – which allows you to blend them nicely. However, once dried – they just are as impressive as the coconut ones. From the Metal Veil collection my favourites are Fancy and Foxy –  I think they are really pretty and sparkly. The darker shades, in my opinion are slightly patchy, but once blended – they are fine.


    For the price of £4 each, I think the Phase Zero makeup liquid eyeshadows are a crazy bargain, which I absolutely recommend. You can also use my code SIYANA5 for £5 off your first order, which basically means you get one product for free!

    If I had to choose only four shades to buy – those would be Fancy, Glided, Foxy and Valentines. I promise to create a few make up look with some of the Phase Zero eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks once my exams are over, so stay tuned!