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    I MOVED (again): life update

    I really don’t have any apologies left about why I haven’t been that active on the blog for the past few months. Actually I’m going through a very complicated period now, where I can’t really say what’s going on, because even I don’t know. Things happen super fast, one day I’m so proud of the decisions I’m taking, the next day I’m going all into an existential crisis.. Obviously something is very wrong with me, but at this point I’m really tired of trying to fix it.

    Long story short – I moved (as you could’ve guessed from the title already).



    For real.

    I’ve never imagined myself living in Slovakia even in my wildest dreams.

    So here I am.

    In Slovakia (I’m now starting to repeat myself haha).

    kosice stare mesto slovakia

    I’m not in the capital Bratislava, but in a very quiet city right on the other side of the country. So far I’m not really sure if I love it or hate it, but I think I might get used to it eventually. I’m still exploring and trying to find all the nice spots, but you know, it’s kind of tough when you don’t have anyone to share those incredible experiences and views with.

    kosice stare mestokosice stare mesto

    I’m not sure if you’d like me to share more about what I’m doing here, maybe posts about places I’ve visited or local food I’ve tried? Like I’ve said – it’s not a popular touristy spot, so I’m not sure if you’d find such posts enjoyable to read 😀 Questions are also appreciated (if you have any).

    Sooo, see you in my next post I guess?

    Meanwhile, a kind reminder to follow me on Instagram, because I’m posting stories there before making them into a blog post 😀

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