My Birthday Wishlist

    I can’t believe I’m getting 22 in less than 10 days! And even when I get asked how old I am, I still need a few seconds to actually process the question and calculate my age 😀

    Anyways, with my Birthday quickly approaching, many people start to ask me what I wanted for a gift. Usually I tell them that I don’t know (because I genuinely don’t), but this year I have prepared a lengthy wishlist *wink, wink*.

    Huda Beauty (Mauve) Obsessions:


    source: cosmopolitan

    I mean how pretty are those!! I’ve always wanted a pinky/mauve eyeshadow palette, because all that I own are in the warm/brown end, and my prayers have finally been answered. All the mini palettes from the collection have 5 stars reviews, and I’d be really excited if I could get at least one of them. ^^

    Urban Decay The Ultimate Basics:

    source: Temptalia

    Another cult palette which has been on my wish list for ages! I think the combination of so many nice matte shades – cool and warm, makes it the perfect one for every occasion.

    Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick:

    source: Charlotte Tilbury


    I mean one tiny lipstick that costs as much as the whole Huda eyeshadow palette (which is not cheap as well), is definitely a very luxury gift that I’d be incredibly happy receiving. Walk of Shame, Pillow Talk and English Beauty are my favourite shades, if somebody asks 😀


    That goes without saying – I need vacations! Any travel tickets will be greatly appreciated, but just to let you know – destinations such as Croatia, Italy and Spain are on the top of my bucket list.

    Well those were sitting on the top of my wishlist, and although they are (kind of, I’d leave you guessing) put in order, the opportunity to travel would beat all the material gifts. Let me know which is the product you want the most, because I’d still need some inspiration for future references 😉 , and the place you absolutely would love to visit some day! Also, would you be interested if I made a travel bucket list? Thank you for reading,



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