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Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt Review

Hello gorgeous,

17121742_10206551204098423_370511961_oas contouring is getting more and more popular every day, I decided to write a review about the Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt. Honestly, I wanted to try the Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit C01 but it was out of stock, so this was the palette I got.

в момента контурирането е в пика си и затова реших следващото ми ревю да е по тази тема. Ще разгледам Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt. Честно казно бях хвърлила око на една друга палитра – Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit C01, но за съжаление я бяха изчерпали и вместо нея взех тази.

With the Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt you get 15g of product which is A LOT especially for its price of 4£! You get two colors – one powder and one contouring shade. In my opinion the powder is completely useless, it has literally no pigmentation, I can’t even see it when applied on my skin. It’s not illuminating, brightening or anything. There are no shades available, you simply get what you get – nothing. Now, the other shade is completely different story! It is a beautiful colour, it’s not too powdery, it blends easily and stays quite a lot. If you could buy just that shade, I would definitely recommend. When it comes to both of them.. well not that much.


Палитрата е огромна – цели 15грама продукт за 4£ (около 10лв)! За съжаление се предлага само в един ‘цвят’ и нямате особено богат избор –  получавате ‘пудра’ и сянка за контуриране. За мен лично пудрата е абсолютно безполезна – никак не е пигментирана, нанесена върху кожата изчезва, няма бляскави частици (за да се използва като хайлайтър например), с една дума – не върши нищо. Да не говорим, че дори не ми пасва като цвят – намирам я за твърде розовееща, а и често се смесва с по-тъмния цвят… Контуриращата сянка пък е на другия полюс – изключително красив неутрален цвят, не се праши, блендва се чудесно и си стои доста дълго време непокътната. Ако можех бих ви препоръчала да си закупите само нея отделно, но за съжаление и такава опция не се предлага.

I would give this palette 3.5/5. I like only the contouring shade and I’m not really a fan of the powder. If you can find a better palette maybe it would be a good idea to skip this one. However, for 4£ you can make a compromise with the quality of the powder and only try the product for its contour.

 На тази палитра бих дала 3,5/5. Единствено сянката за контуриране си струва и ако можете да си намерите някой по-добър продукт, спокойно можете да пропуснете този. Но пък от друга страна, за 4£ можете да направите компромис с пудрата и да си закупите палитрата единствено заради контура.

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  • Reply simplyellen

    Love this 😍

    March 4, 2017 at 12:25 pm
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    Omg your blog has grown so much in just two weeks! Nice work 😉

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      Thank you for your kind words! I’m working really hard to provide nice contents and make blog friendships ^_^ I hope it would grow even more in the future!

      March 15, 2017 at 8:55 pm
      • Reply Sarah

        Of course! When I started my blog I did a really bad job getting around to other blogs, but now I think I’ve got the hang of haha. Your beauty blog will spread like a wildfire, trust me! Even though you probably won’t need it, good luck!

        March 15, 2017 at 8:59 pm
        • Reply brushyneedle

          Oh thank you very much, people like you really keep me motivated to keep writing! Good luck to you, too!

          March 15, 2017 at 9:01 pm
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